Yanhua XuYanhua Xu’s area of expertise is in using Eastern Philosophy, arts, poetry and natural resources to improve well-being. By combining Positive Psychology and Chinese traditional culture, she delivers lectures and training courses for organisations in China and Britain. She has worked in media, PR and business sectors for more than 10 years based in China, Dubai and UK, with leading roles in cross-culture communication projects.

Delivery areas

  • Chinese business culture training: For those who are interested to doing business with Chinese clients, this programme will help people to understand eastern culture to improve business partnerships.
  • Taoism Philosophy and well-being: Taoistic concepts of mental health stress the transcendence from self and secularity, the dynamic revertism of nature, integration with nature and the pursuit of the infinite.
  • Poetry therapy:By combing bibliotherapy and expressive writing, poetry therapy is used to help individuals and groups to reduce stress, improve positive emotions and improve social
  • Nature therapy: The natural environment is proved to be effective healing resources for human well-being. Nature therapy uses the power of the natural environment as an effective approach that offers a wide variety of practical activities shown to improve personal and individual well-being.

She has an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology, MA in International Communications. She also works as a researcher, and International Coordinator for the Chinese Positive Psychology Center, Tsinghua University. She is a member of International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA).

She is co-author of the book <When in China: A guide to Chinese Business Culture>, she works as a Chinese business Culture trainer for the Confucius Institute for Business London, London School of Economics (LSE). She also writes a column for BBC Chinese on cross-culture and well-being topics.

Her strengths

Yanhua’s key strengths are in appreciation of beauty and excellence, loving, creativity, love of learning, modesty and zest. Those help her to easily identify other people’s virtues and strengths and helping them to apply them in their work and life. She loves to learn, loves to explore new approach and finding creative solutions. She is full of enthusiasm for life and believes that everyone has the opportunity to live a meaningful, full life. As a scholar of Eastern Philosophy, she also believes that “balance” and “harmony to nature” are good life attitudes.

I’m passionate about Positive Psychology because …

It is the science stresses that human being’s virtues and strengths, and how to use them to optimize optimal functioning and ultimately well-being.

It’s a “science and philosophy” I strongly believe in, that will ultimately help to build a beautiful and harmonious world.

Yanhua’s PP gurus

  • Professor Martin Seligman. His book < Authentic Happiness> has completely changed my life and inspired me to study Positive Psychology.
  • Professor Kai Ping Peng. He is the leading scholar in the area of cross-culture, and currently leading the Positive Psychology movement in China. Apart of his distinguished achievement in academia, he is also an easy-going, benevolent person who loves teaching and sharing with students.
  • Professor Stephen Joseph. His research focuses in post-traumatic growth, person-centred approach and client-centred therapy, as well as human flourishing and well-being. He has many publications in these areas, and he is a kind-hearted person. I am grateful for his encouragement, inspiration, and advice during my journey through Positive Psychology.
  • Dr. Paul Wong. I love his research in meaning and his unique insight about Positive Psychology.
  • Dr. James Pawelski. I love his philosophical approach in Positive Psychology, as well as his recent publications in poetry, literary and well-being. He is a fantastic speaker with excellent skills in interacting with audiences while delivering talks. The most important thing is he is such a kind person who loves to talk and share with people.
  • Dr. Christopher Peterson (1950 – 2012). Despite his distinguish contribution in Positive Psychology (he was one of the founder of PP movement), his classic line “Other people matter” goes some way to explain why he is honoured, respected and is sorely missed

In my spare time…

I love nature, whether walking or running or savouring the beauty of every creature.

I love reading, with poetry my recent favourite.

Writing is my strength and the way I communicate with myself and the world.

Friends, food and laughter, these are the best things I can think of in my social life.

Arts, films and music are my best company and source of inspiration.