Tom designs and supports  development journeys for individuals, teams and organisations, with durations ranging from a day to several years.  Support ranges from 1-1 executive coaching to designing and running multi-stranded programmes, always grounded in real work and real results.  For more about Tom, visit

Tom draws on two decades of experience, firstly facilitating conflict resolution as a diplomat and secondly consulting to large organisations with McKinsey & Company.

His delivery areas:

–  Executive coaching and personal development journeys
–  Leadership development programme design and delivery, from half day training events to multi-stranded leadership development journeys over months or years
–  Consulting on organisational change and sustainable behavioural change

His strengths:

Tom’s strengths include a passion for learning and development, strangely enough!  He is also passionate about depth of impact and making change stick.  He wants his clients to achieve things they would not have known themselves capable of, and he wants them to be able to take their own learning journey forward after the work they do together.

I’m passionate about Positive Psychology because …

Tom believes we have the potential to lead richer and more meaningful lives.  But as someone once said, “life moves pretty fast – if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”.   Tom’s skill lies in creating reflective spaces, interwoven with the real worlds of work and home life which provide the arena of practice.  His aim for his clients is that they develop greater self-awareness and reach significant insights about how to bring more of themselves to their work, and to live and work with greater skill and more meaning.

Tom’s PP gurus:

Jung, who took Freud’s insight into the significance of the subconscious and added a more optimistic view of the role of human agency.

Dilts, with whom I learned NLP, an approach to optimising human functioning that I find complementary to Positive Psychology.

Maslow, who invented the term Positive Psychology in the sixties, and recognised the urgency of bringing meaning and humanity to the workplace.

 In my spare time…

I am with my family, or enjoying nature.  Both is even better.

What the Practitioners say about Tom:

He is full of hidden knowledge and skill treasures and the best example, why you should never ignore the quiet ones.