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Suzy MadgeSuzy Madge (Msc) has been interested in performance, potential and mind and body fitness from the tender age of 12. As an international adventure athlete, record breaking ski mountaineer and psychologist, she explores enhancing the quality of people’s lives, using the basis that    performance = potential – interference. She distils 30 years of lived experience and 6 years of scientific research into keynote speeches and workshops emphasising that the quality of performance and experience are intimately linked. She combines personal film footage and photos to highlight the optimal experience of flow, and how flow reveals our strengths. She also specialises in good stress, positive risk, and how we get our minds working best for us through attention training (you my get a bit of chocolate to savour) and reframing attitudes.

Delivery areas

  • Keynote speaking. Entertaining, terrifying, heart-warming talks from 15 minutes to 2 hours seeing positive psychology through the lens of Suzy’s life of adventure and ski-mountaineering.
  • Workplace retreats. One day (or half day). After an informative, enjoyable, revitalising workplace retreat, staff will have a better understanding and practical tips on creating better work performance and life experience.
  • Individual workshops on Good stress, Positive risk and Mind fitness


Msc Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (University of East London, 2012-2014)

BA Hons Psychology and Italian (Exeter University, 1992-1996)

Certificate in Personal Training (YMCA, 2007)

Diploma in Life Coaching (Achievement Specialists, 2007)


Fluent French, Italian. Conversational Spanish, German

I’m passionate about Positive Psychology because …

it encourages us to create the best possible lives for both ourselves and others.   If you really like chocolate, or skiing, positive psychology scientifically shows us how to get even more enjoyment and meaning from eating the chocolate or skiing. Who doesn’t want that in their lives?

What the Practitioners say about Suzy:

Suzy is not like anyone else I know.  For a start, being the first British woman to ski (yes, ski) down an 8,000 meter mountain peak, sort of singles her out.  Add her experience of saving the odd life, formal training in psychology, and experience of bringing these things together to make other people lives better, and you have someone that seems just a bit more unique that the rest of us.

Suzy is so competent and commanding. You can just imagine her skiing down the mountain with a child on either arm and still being able to say something worthwhile and memorable.