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Manuel Kraus - CopyManuel supports individuals and teams improve engagement and performance through development programs and workshops. These programs can also be delivered online. His second area of expertise is positive technology; consulting clients on the optimal use of technology (such as online platforms or mobile applications) to improve well-being and performance.

His delivery areas:

  • Designing and delivering bite-sized development programs for individuals and teams
  • Organizing change-focused positive psychology workshops
  • Consulting on the use of technology to drive employee engagement

He holds a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of East London.

His strengths:

Manuel’s key character strengths are wisdom, critical thinking, love of learning and love of excellence. He is committed to deliver high-quality solutions and willing to go the extra mile to ensure sustainable change.

His strengths of perspective taking and critical thinking combined with his cutting-edge expertise in positive technology make him the perfect person to consult on the use of technology to improve engagement and performance.

I’m passionate about Positive Psychology because …

it provides a scientific understanding of the very essence of what makes life good – whether it’s living purposefully or healthily, being engaged at work or compassionate at home. All these aspects of a life worth living can be examined and the insights can help not only individuals but society as a whole to prosper and flourish.

Manuel’s PP gurus:

Jon Kabat-Zinn: Bringing mindfulness into the research focus has earned him a life-time spot among my positive psychology idols.

Chade-Meng Tan: Google’s Jolly Good Fellow is not a researcher but a pioneer in applying positive psychology research findings in the workplace.

Tal Ben-Shahar: His style of teaching the scientific insights of positive psychology in an accessible and authentic way have inspired me to devote my life to it.


 In my spare time…

I like to spend time in nature and with friends. I love to read and I’m currently learning to play the guitar.

What the Practitioners say about Manuel

If you are a parent you know that when your children are suspiciously quiet something is up. The same is true about Manny. Except you don’t want to interrupt him because more often than not he will surprise you with one of his creations: a book or course. While others talk Manny is out experimenting.