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Kirsten Truempy - CopyKristen believes that both organisations and individuals are not using the biggest treasure they have: their strengths. She is passionate about helping people to embark on their strengths journey, seeing them through the rough parts and honoured to witness the resulting transformation.

Her delivery areas:

  • positive psychology and strengths seminars
  • strengths-based coaching
  • changing the inner dialogue
  • writing services

She has an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology, a BSc in Psychology and 15 years of banking experience, 9 of which she was training new joiners, interns and apprentices on the job.

Her strengths:

move around a lot according to the standardized tests, because she loves working on them. Love of learning by passionately pursuing various interests, authentic interactions and the desire to connect on a one-to-one level has been central throughout her life.

I’m passionate about Positive Psychology because

even as a four-year-old I wanted to understand what makes people tick. Trying out the tools of positive psychology before studying it and seeing how it transformed my life for the better  made me want to share that amazing experience with anyone who is truly interested.

Kristen’s PP gurus:

Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener: he constantly tries to understand how to apply positive psychology across all different kinds of cultures and people. Also he is not afraid to explore the darker side of humanity.

Dr. Alex Linley: he truly understands the complexity and potential of strengths.

Dr. Ryan Niemiec: Ryan combines film and psychology or mindfulness and strengths to create something unique. Also he writes like a human being.

In my spare time…

I travel the world to explore the open road, remind myself of the abundant kindness of strangers, incorporate cities into my being by walking them, sit in coffee shops and write, take pictures, meet people, throw around my extremely limited vocabulary of the local language, laugh with them at the mistakes I made and visit loved ones. I enjoy nature and every once in a while I dare to do absolutely nothing at all.

I also spread the message of positive psychology through organising regular events and creating a weekly positive psychology podcast.

What the Practitioners say about Kristen:

Kristen has a knack of finding a clear path through what appears to be a complex subject. ‘ Appears’ is the right word, because when Kristen gets hold of it, suddenly something that was complex melts into something quite straight forward – as Kristen is a strengths expert, it seems right to try and summarise this as a strength.  ‘Explainer’ is an appropriate Reslise2 strength, but a ‘cut-through-the-crapper’ seems to say it better.

Kristen is just the most compassionate, natural and honest human being I have had the pleasure of hugging. She is so committed to making strengths her life work and I have no doubt she’ll get there.