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Julia Ruppert.Julia is an expert in the use of visual and image based tools to enhance insight, engagement and wellbeing. Her strategies tie neatly into the goals of transformational leadership with its focus on stimulating employee innovation, effective communication and achieving a collective vision. Her combined training in art therapy and positive psychology means that she has a broad, professional understanding of how imagery and the mind operates and how this interaction can be cultivated to shift perceptions and build resilience. Her evidence-based visual interventions are on the cutting edge of positive transformational change.

Her delivery areas

• Fast-track coaching with managers, employees and teams using progressive and evidenced visual strategies to enhance leadership, innovation, resilience, communication, wellbeing and engagement
• Generating clear positive shifts to insight, stress levels and negative or self-limiting perceptions after as little as one session.
• Mindfulness training support workshops

Having moved from the world of fashion PR to wellbeing, Julia is currently completing an MSc in applied positive psychology. She additionally holds an MA in art psychotherapy and a post-graduate certificate in public relations.

Her Strengths

Julia’s strengths are innovation, creativity and teamwork.

I’m passionate about Positive Psychology because

It scientifically packages a diverse collection of tools and expertise into proactive strategies for making the most of our personal and professional lives.

Positive psychology Gurus

Fellow Canadian Dr. Paul Wong who champions meaning and the positive transformation of negative experiences.