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Farida Lodhi - Copy

Farida has over 20 years experience in the financial services industry.  She has significant international experience in business planning, product marketing, and process improvement gained on several long term and short-term assignments in UK, Canada and Asia, including American Express, Visa and RBS.   She works with businesses to drive growth and has lead major international product launches, managed large product portfolios and transformational initiatives.

Farida is passionate about helping individuals and organisations thrive. She works with individuals and businesses to enhance well-being by using the science of positive psychology and her business experience.

Farida has an MBA from the University of Miami and is a student of the Master in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) Program at the University of East London. She has a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology

Her delivery areas

  • Dealing with stress and building resilience
  • Coaching individuals to live a fulfilled life

Her strengths:

Farida’s key strengths are fairness, honesty, and humility. She brings an empathic and authentic approach to consulting assignments combined with relevant business experience.

I am passionate about Positive Psychology because..

It helps individuals, organisations be happier, productive and fulfilled – while moving towards the pursuit of worthy outcomes, which helps societies thrive. Now that is something worth working with!

Farida’s PP gurus:

I picked up Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s book ‘Flow” about 15 years ago before I was aware of the science of positive psychology. I loved finding out about ‘optimal experiences’ and how happiness is not something that happens but is a condition that must be prepared for and cultivated. This knowledge led me to the study of Positive Psychology or the ‘science of happiness’

Today’s workplaces provide great opportunities for growth; however, they also place many demands on employees. Work and the pace of life can often be a source of distress and unhappiness. I have been inspired by the work of John Kabat-Zinn, Karen Reivich & Andrew Shatte, in dealing with stress and building resilience. John Kabat-Zinn is founder of the successful mindfulness based stress reduction program. Karen Reivich & Andrew Shatte are authors of ‘The Resilience Factor’.