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Emma BridgerEmma believes that engaged, positive, happy people make workplaces better for everyone – employees, customers, businesses and society. This isn’t just a hunch – with over 18 years experience and hundreds of happy clients, she has proven that it’s time for engagement to be taken seriously in the workplace.

I’m an award winning, published author, and one of the UK’s leading employee engagement specialists. With over 18 years experience gained in a variety of roles, in diverse organisations from Utilities and Financial Services through to the public sector, I came to this field via a more unconventional route, previously lecturing on graduate and post-graduate courses in psychology, my specialist area being behaviour change. Combining this understanding of psychology with practical business experience, and an MBA, I have demonstrated how organisations can achieve their goals and create a competitive advantage by focusing on their people. I have designed and developed the CIPDs range of public employee engagement courses as well as contributing to and being published within the UK Government Review – Engaging for Success. I now advise the Government taskforce on engagement as part of the “guru group”. I’m a regular conference speaker and case studies detailing my work have been published in industry journals. I’m also a qualified, practicing coach and a member of the Institute of Public Relations.

Her delivery areas

Working at all levels within an organisation, with the Board through to front line employees, my specific areas of expertise include culture change and major change programmes, employee and brand engagement, leadership development and the application of new media and digital technology within organisations. The theme that runs throughout all of my work is that of an abundant, strength-based approach. I also have a post-graduate diploma in applied positive psychology from the University of East London.

Her strengths

The feedback I receive always comes back to my ability take academic theories, concepts and ideas and translate them into pragmatic solutions for the organisations I work with. I have a very straightforward approach and an ability to simplify complex ideas.

My Clifton strengths finder top 5:

  • Strategic
  • Futuristic
  • Woo
  • Communication
  • Ideation

My Realise2 Top strengths:

  1. Adventure
  2. Strategic Awareness
  3. Rapport Builder
  4. Connector
  5. Curiosity
  6. Innovation
  7. Change Agent

I’m passionate about Positive Psychology because …

About 10 years ago I was working in-house for a big corporate financial services organisation. I had the joy of looking after the annual staff engagement survey. We were going through the cycle yet again: survey, results, take the bottom 5 areas from the survey, come up with some actions to “fix” these areas, capture them in a spreadsheet, tick them off… and then forget about the survey until the next year….

To be honest this approach wasn’t doing all that much to improve engagement…. There had to be a better way I thought….. By chance I came across an article on appreciative inquiry: that is, understand what works, envision the future and action plan around this. I decided to use this as a framework for the survey that year, taking a strengths-based approach rather than the usual deficit approach: ask employees what good looked like, capture stories about times of high engagement, and work on replicating this….The turnaround was mind blowing and so began my passion for using positive psychology at work, which has continued to the present day and now underpins all of the work I do.

Emma’s Positive Psychology gurus

I really admire the people who can take academic theories and concepts and then make it real and apply it…. So I’m a big fan of Dan Pink, Shawn Achor, Malcolm Gladwell, Leandro Herrero, Chip and Dan Heath, and Daniel Kahneman.

In my spare time…

It’s all about my family and music, combining the two where possible!

What the Practitioners say about Emma:

Emma is fun, clever and her ability to produce great work is phenomenal. You really want to be Emma’s friend as you know you’re going to have a great time.