Pam Kennett
Pam’s area of expertise is in helping organisations build engaging workplaces through effective leadership, more accountable organisation design and better job person matching.

Mark Quirk
Mark specialises in combing performance enhancement with well-being, including teaching mindfulness at work – improving the performance in the short and the long-term – helping to enhance employee engagement, retention, and business success.

Tom Revington
A qualified leadership coach, Tom supports senior leaders meet their biggest challenges.  He has over a decade of experience in design and delivery of impact-oriented leadership development interventions for teams and organisations.

Farida Lodhi
Farida has over 20 years of business and consulting experience in organisations across UK, Europe, Canada, US and Asia; she is a business consultant to financial services organisation and understands the challenges faced by modern businesses and employees in today’s business world. She is passionate about business coaching and in developing resilience skills to help people thrive in their work lives.

Kristen Truempy
Kristen believes that both organisations and individuals are not using the biggest treasure they have: their strengths. She is passionate about helping people to embark on their strengths journey, seeing them through the rough parts and honoured to witness the resulting transformation.

Julia Ruppert
Julia is a creative practitioner with over two decades of experience designing and delivering wellbeing and communication strategies using visual imagery. Based on a randomised control trial, the evidence-based outcomes of Julia’s work include increases to self-efficacy and positive affect, decreases to negative affect, and statistically significant shifts to the perceived negative intensity and resolution of work-related challenges.

Susanna Halonen
Susanna is a coach, trainer and motivational speaker with a fierce determination to help you choose happiness rather than chase it. As a published researcher and the author of Screw Finding Your Passion, she has a talent for understanding what works and communicating it in a clear, contagious way. Her expertise is in coaching you to discover the clarity and confidence you desire for a happy life. With her background in the corporate world, she’s also skilled at using different positive psychology tools in the workplace to create team bonding, engagement and drive.

Emma Bridger
Emma is an award winning, published author, and one of the UK’s leading employee engagement experts. With over 18 years experience gained in a variety of roles she came to this field via a more unconventional route, previously lecturing on graduate and post-graduate courses in psychology, her specialist area being behaviour change. Combining this understanding of psychology with practical business experience, and an MBA, Emma has demonstrated how organisations can achieve their goals and create a competitive advantage by focusing on their people.