Hamster Wheel or Spiral of Growth

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Why do so many companies pick the hamster wheel instead of a spiral of growth? It’s a special mix of unawareness and laziness. See you can’t just pick whether you get on a hamster wheel or the spiral of growth. Your actions will determine this. With the hamster wheel all wins last only a flash of a moment. Here’s what almost everybody does to stay competitive:

  • fire staff
  • not hire staff when needed
  • create a culture of working overtime
  • restructure every couple of months
  • hire expensive consultants to make important decisions

These actions are so staggeringly unimaginative that everybody does them, which means that the money you save is saved by the competition as well, so you can never truly win.

Here’s what your competition is too lazy to do:

  • understand the value of positive emotions in both employees and clients and make them a priority
  • create environments optimized for engagement and flow
  • foster good relationships among employees and help their clients by letting them benefit from the companies network
  • infuse actions with true meaning
  • enable clients and employees to reach their own definition of success

Sounds like a lot of work? The hamster wheel is tons of work too. Just way less rewarding. So if you are ready to check out life beyond the hamster wheel we can help.

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